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What's the Word on the Block?

Miriam Gonzalez


My daughter was struggling with math. Her confidence level dropped and she would be in tears during every class zoom meeting. I signed her up for tutoring and waited for the struggles of logging her on to begin. To my surprise my daughter flourished during her sessions with Radha. She looks forward to her tutoring sessions and we are seeing a noticeable change in her comprehension of math and English. Radha, worked wonders on my girl and is so good at redirecting her in order for my child to not only learn but most importantly, want to learn. I can not praise this young lady enough!

Miriam Mell


My first grader needed a little extra help with his reading. His tutor Julia has been amazing. He looks forward to reading with her every week!

Josvenny Ferreiras


My daughter finds her tour very helpful!she finds it very helpful. I’m glad this service is available.

Shanie Korabelnik


My son, Tenneh (10), loved being a part of this project last year, so you can imagine how excited he was to come back for this year! As the oldest child of three, with two younger sisters, Tenneh, is happy to have someone who he can talk with about his week and school. It is great for all of us to know that the teenagers of our great community see the kids and their needs within the chaotic world that is dealing with COVID19. Kudos for this wonderful project!

Elana Moas


My girls love Goldie! She is so sweet and kind. Thank you so much for volunteering your time with them. I love how it’s keeping them sharp over the summer.

Sharon Bartel


My kids, Mia and Benjamin, are having a great time participating in the adoptaneighbor program. They both participate in the Sunday fitness class, Mia is learning French, and Benjamin is working with his tutor Chloe to improve his reading and writing skills over the summer. They are both so excited to participate in their activities and the program has been a great bonus in our lives. I highly recommend the program and am very grateful to this team of HS students for dedicating their time to enriching the lives of younger kids. Thank you!

Blimy Dresdner


Studying for the act over covid and the summer. David Berger has really helped me improve my score in every subject. He’s always willing to help and makes sure I understand the material well.

Tziri jeremias


I will forever be greatful to adopt a neighbor for what they've helped my boys accomplish during carona. We had amazing volunteers Adina Orbach, Charlie Covit and Tamar Wielgus who were flexible with their schedules and so amazing and nice to my boys. They looked forward to their session and accomplished alot in their lessons . These volunteers had a great way of teaching the work that my boys knew what they learned well !! Each week they handed in their schoolwork was so accomplishing ! Thank you for this program for making it enjoyable to learn on zoom during covid 19. We will be in touch in the future!!!

Yaffit Yadger


The Adopt a Neighbor program was introduced to me when both my husband and I were sick with Covid. Our Shmulie was extremely sad and wasn’t able to focus on his Yeshiva’s schedule. We were blessed to get Charlie as a tutor at this very hectic and challenging time. Charlie and Shmulie immediately clicked and and work wonderfully together. Charlie’s dedication and endless efforts to teach Shmulie reading and Math is way beyond what we could have dreamed about —especially during this time. I want to thank Charlie and this wonderful organization for putting us together and making this experience memorable for all of us. תודה רבה.

Ariel Harary


I cannot say enough good things about this program and my daughters experience with Charlie Covit. My daughter is in first grade and loves school. She loves having teachers there to guide her through her work during the day. When we suddenly found ourselves homeschooling, she grew very anxious about completing her assignments. It created a stressful dynamic for us as her parents, who are working at home full time, to now also be her teachers. We decided to take a chance with this program and im so grateful that we did. Each week she looks forward to working on her writing assignments with Charlie. She is not only not stressed now about her assignments she actually looks forward to them. She feels so proud about the pieces they write together. I can see her personality shine through the writing, but it doesn’t come along with the aggravation it used to take to get there before we met Charlie. We are so appreciative that you made this crazy time a little more manageable for us and our child.

Yael Weinstock


During the Corona we found that there is a lot of tension around the homework. It used to take so long, and as a result Mia and us became frustrated and upset. We heard about adopt a neighbor and decided to give it a try. We got Akiva and our lives has changed. Mia was looking forward to meeting Akiva, they completed the homework pretty quickly and the energies at home changed for the best. I would like to thank Akiva for being so kind and patient and David for coordinating and providing excellent service. We will definitely be in touch in the Future!! Thank you🙏

Sylvia Bigio


We are so pleased to have come into contact with “Adopt a Neighbor.” It is a wonderful program that came into our lives during a very difficult time (the pandemic, the lockdown in NYC, distance learning and all the associated challenges). The matching between our children (twins, 8 years old) and the tutor was done in a very professional and clever way. We were assigned a fantastic tutor: Anne Cannon, a college student getting a degree in education and whose goal is to teach kids in 3rd and 4th grade. Annie and I made up a game plan for tutoring: have a read aloud hour every Wednesday at noon. Annie reads the kids a story and has them quite engaged with questions, making sure that they understand the content of the stories. Annie has also planned fiction writing workshops with the twins, which they enjoyed quite a bit. I should also add that Annie has been quite flexible when it comes to scheduling. My kids absolutely love her and look forward to her sessions. Thanks Adopt a Neighbor! It has been a blessing!

Rochel Ovits


This has been such an amazing experience for us. My son’s tutor has gone above and beyond to show new ways of learning his math. The extra tutoring help during these turbulent ‘zoom school’ times has been such a huge help. And besides for that, and even more importantly, my son has an older boy he can meet and shmooze with once a week about anything. He really looks forward to it. We have such hakaras hatov to our tutor, Gavi and this whole organization. A wonderful idea that was implemented even better than we imagined!! Thank you.

Channi Greenwall


I love how I can volunteer on my own time. Great organization and awesome kids!

Barri Grossman


We feel very lucky to have Adopt A Neighbor as a resource to our son, Charlie. He has trouble focusing and taking his time while reading and writing and his tutor is calm and patient and can easily redirect him - which is no small fete. We look forward to continuing this journey and seeing the progress through the remainder of the school year.



Our 6 year old daughter needed some help with reading and writing. We signed up for a tutor and Charlie couldn’t have been more responsive. Our experience has been wonderful. Her tutors have been super helpful, creative, patient and mature. We’re so impressed and feel lucky to have this as a resource!

Marleny Fuentes


My son Johan is 10 years old and very happy with the tutor that he has called charlie he is very kind and he helps my son with his homework thank you for all charlie :)

Ketty Doan


Breindy Berger is the tuter of my child hadassah I am very pleased that my daughter had a chance to grow into learning

Dan B.


Our 7 year old daughter loves her session with Talia. She looks forward to it every week! Under the current circumstances, it is great for young children to have this virtual interaction as it helps both with learning and social skills. Thank you Talia and David for your efforts in establishing this incredible program and the positive impact it has had on our daughter.

Simone Rebhun


We have had such a wonderful experience using the Adopt a Neighbor program via Zoom. We were thrilled to be assigned to tutor Avraham Glatter who made learning fun for my daughter.  Avraham understood what she was already capable of doing academically and created a curriculum for their sessions that was challenging and appropriate, and from the first lesson she was interested and engrossed. We have also really enjoyed the art classes where with just a few supplies around the house and in a half hour my daughter had a book about herself that she was really proud of. David Berger goes above and beyond and notifies me when he thinks there is a class my daughter would enjoy- talk about service! Thank you all for your hard work! It is greatly appreciated!

Jaide Massin


Emma Stonehill was patient and extremely fun. Emmie loved spending time with her.

Michael Atlas


Adopt-a-Neighbor has been a wonderful resource for us especially during a hectic period. It was extremely easy to register and we were quickly set up with Channi G. Our daughter really enjoys working with her and leaves each session with a better understanding of the math material. We’re so grateful for this special organization.

Dina Forer


Adopt a neighbor has been such a great service. What a relief to be able have free wonderful tutoring at a time like this. I am so impressed with the quick responses, the efficiency, the tutoring and the convenience of this service. I am really grateful for all of this.

Lauren Levy


I was SO excited when I heard about the Adopt A Neighbor program from a friend. Adopt A Neighbor connected both my son and daughter with such kindhearted tutors. The two of them would always look forward to their sessions. My son who is in 2nd grade was very excited to work with his tutor, Charlie Covit. Anytime Charlie was free during his own school day, he would always make time for Ronny. He helped Ronny understand his Ivrit and math homework. My daughter who is in 3rd grade also had the opportunity to work with a very devoted tutor, Tzivia Deitsch. Together, stress-free, they would always complete the homework assignments. I would recommend the program to any family!! Such a wonderful thing!! Thank you!!

Arielle Maccabi


When I first heard about the adopt a neighbor program I was so excited to give it a try. Thank g-d they paired up both my son and daughter with amazing special tutors . We are so grateful for this wonderful program!!

Rikki Mazlin


I can not recommend this program enough! My kids are excited and proud to learn with their tutors. It takes a special person to devote so much time and energy into educating children. Thank you for helping us!

Amy Galperin


My sons tutor Daniel was amazing helping him with his Hebrew reading. He is fun and really engaging. My son always looked forward to his sessions with him. We are so thankful and appreciative!

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